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Create an interactive quiz

The interactive Drimify quiz offers the possibility to create a series of questions illustrated by text, video, audio file or image.

It is also possible to propose answers in image or text.

Is it possible to have several correct answers to a question in the quiz?

For now, the option is not available but it is part of our roadmap of upcoming features.

If you do not want a wrong answer to your questions, we advise you to create a poll instead of the quiz.

Is it possible to create different branches of questions based on the participant’s answers?

The option is not currently available, but it is also part of our roadmap.

Why aren’t all my response images displayed at the same level on one line?

As our webapps are optimised for all device types (responsive and mobile first), the layout can only have 2 answers per line on desktop and one answer per line on mobile.

Can we have different background images for each question?

No, your background image will be the same from your start screen to the end screen.

Is it possible to offer gifts at the end of a quiz?

No, the quiz does not contain any gifting. But if you wished, you could organise a draw among the participants who submitted their email address.

Updated on: 23/11/2022

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