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Creating a Drimify gamification experience

Drimify gamification experiences include the:

Dynamic Path™
Advent Calendar
Media Contests
Voting Gallery
Landing Page
Leaderboard Combo™

Discover how to configure and customise your apps on the Drimify platform with our 7-minute masterclass.

How do you customise your application?

Using our interface, you can change most of the visual elements and text content, as well as customising the overall experience as you go through the creation steps of your application.

Please see our article on recommended image sizes depending on the game engine you're customising.

Game configuration

This step will allow you to customise the different texts and visual elements of the various steps or levels that make up your game, depending on which type of gamification experience you're creating.

Questions and answers specific to each type of game:

To find out more about the Dynamic Path™ options: Set up a Dynamic Path™
To find out more about the Combo™ options: Set up a Combo™
To find out more about the Leaderboard Combo™ options: Set up a Leaderboard Combo™
To find out more about setting up an Advent calendar: Create a digital Advent Calendar
To find out more about creating a media competition and organising a vote: Create a Photo, Video, or Audio Contest and connect a Voting Gallery

Updated on: 09/01/2024

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