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Distributing promo codes through your app

You can distribute promotional codes through Instant Win games on Drimify.

These could be generic promotional codes which will be the same for every user, or unique promotional codes that can only be redeemed once.

Promotional codes can be distributed through Drimify apps as a prize, or even in the lost segments if you're looking to reward all users to some degree.

Generic promotional codes

To enable the distribution of generic codes, in the Game Configuration creation step, under either a winning item, or a losing item section, toggle the Enable Promo Code option.

Select "generic code" for code type, and input your generic code that is entered on your POS system in the field below.

Generic code set up for a winning item

For losing items, you can only enable generic codes.

Unique promotional codes

To enable the distribution of unique promotional codes, in the Game Configuration creation step, under a winning item toggle the Enable Promo Code option.

Select "list of unique codes" for code type, then you can either opt to upload a new list of codes, or append your existing list of codes.

Whether you're uploading a new list, or appending your current list, you will see in the field below a link to download our promo codes template as a .CSV file, this can be downloaded and imported into Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel (etc.) to copy and past your unique codes into.

Upload a new list of unique codes

There are two columns. You only need to worry about column A. You can split the codes into 2 parts, with a second part in column B, but this is not recommended.

Things to bear in mind

Before your game goes live, you'll need to check that the number of unique codes matches the volume of the prize it's attached to:

Items volume

After you've updated or appended your list, you will be able to see this information to the right of your list:

You will not be able to delete any unique codes that have been won, and you will not be able to use them again.

Will my app email the codes to players?

As is, the app will only display the codes on the screen, and will even allow the user to copy it.

The system does not send emails directly to players, but you can retrieve them and do so in different ways:

By downloading your data export, then using the contact details to send players an email from your emailing software (Mailchimp, etc.) tool.

By using the Drimify API option to automatically email codes to players directly after participation.

Updated on: 09/01/2024

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