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Multilingual Support

This enables you to create games in more than 30 different languages. Just pick from the available languages in the drop down menu.

Please note that only basic user interface translations will be applied by the system (i.e. the buttons). For any content you add, you will have to translate it yourself.

How do I create a game in multiple languages?

Create your game or interactive module in the first language.

When finished, duplicate your app from your Drimify dashboard.

Then in this copy, select the language you want to translate it to from the dropdown menu in Settings.

Translate the content of your duplicated game into the second language.

If you create a game or module in 2 different languages, each language will have its own URL - technically you will have 2 separate applications.

To read our full-length article on multilingual support, click here.

Updated on: 12/02/2024

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