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Call To Action (CTA) Button

If you want to send the participants of your game or module to an external page of your site, you can use a recommendation button, also called a Call-To-Action (CTA) button.

What is a Call To Action button for?

The CTA button allows you to redirect your participants to an external web page, or a social media page, outside of your Drimify game or interactive module.

You can use it if you want to redirect your participants towards the welcome page of your website, or if you want to bring them to a page presenting a special offer or a specific product.

Where can I put a CTA button in my game or module?

Whatever your project is, you can integrate a CTA button on any end screen, so you can redirect the participant once they are finished with their game.

For projects that are quizzes, personality tests, product recommendation quizzes and polls, it is also possible to add a CTA button on the intermediate feedback screen, which comes following the screen showing the answer to a question.

The use of CTA buttons in the middle of the experience, game or module is not necessarily recommended, as this is going to get the user out of the experience by redirecting them to another page, which presents a risk of stopping the game without finishing it. This can make the game less effective.

Updated on: 23/11/2022

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