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Create a Sports Game (football, basketball, etc.)

Drimify sports games include:

Basketball Game - Free Throw
Football game - Penalty Shootout
Rugby Game
American Football Game

All our sports games have similar settings, so it's easy to configure any of these games once you've got to grips with the platform. Use our tutorial to find out how to configure and customise your applications on Drimify.

How do you customise your game?

Through the dashboard interface, you can change most of the visuals and text content, as well as customising the duration, nature, and in some cases, even difficulty of the experience through the creation steps of your application.

Please see our article on recommended image sizes according to the game engine you're customising.

Game configuration

This stage allows you to customise the different texts and visuals of the elements that make up your game, depending on its type.

For all sports games, the Game Configuration stage will allow you to adjust the following elements:

The image of the billboard
The logo on the American football and rugby ball
The basketball backboard
The entire goalkeeper's outfit for the Football Game

There's also a Settings section at the bottom of this stage where you can choose different game modes and options. For all the sports games available, you can add a :

Shot limit (from 1 to 10)
Life limit (from 1 to 10)
Time limit (from 10 to 90 seconds)

For the Basketball Game, you can also choose to adjust the movement of the backboard and basket so that they:

Change position after each shot
Perform a constant horizontal movement

By doing this, you can vary the experience you're delivering to your audience, and make it more challenging.

Updated on: 09/01/2024

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