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Losing Item

On the losing item card, you can define:

Short title: This is the text that will appear on the end screen
In-game losing item image/ Custom scratch card underlay image for the “You lost“ result/ Add a media: This is how the losing item will appear in the game. For example, in a Wheel of Fortune, this is the image that will appear within the wheel.

Please note, it is possible to suppress the losing image, or segment of your instant win game to the user if you have your game set to 100% winning game, users only have 1 attempt, and there are live prizes available to be won. If any of these conditions aren’t met, the losing image or segment will appear.

Even if your game is set to enable the 100% winning game option but they have 2 or more attempts, the in-game image will still appear on nearly all instant win apps. Although nobody will ever land on it (provided there are prize volumes), you should still include an image in keeping with your game’s visual style for the user experience.

Description: This is an optional field that will appear on the end screen where you can add more text.
Losing content displayed on the end screen: This is the image or video displayed to users at the end screen. Not applicable to all instant win games.

By default, users will be able to share their result to social media (assuming you have the Allow sharing on social media button enabled on the Start Screen creation step). For each winning item you can individually toggle the Disable social media result sharing button if you don’t want this to be an option.

You can also add call to action (CTA) buttons specific to losing. This means this particular CTA will only show up if they lose. You just enter your label (the text you want your users to click) and the link you want them to be taken to if they click on it. You can also define whether you want this CTA link opened in a new window by enabling the button.

For a comprehensive guide on using promotional codes with your Drimify apps, check out this article.

To enable the distribution of generic codes, under the losing item, toggle the Enable Promo Code option.

Input your generic code that is entered on your POS system in the field below.

Please note, unique promotional codes cannot be included for losing items.

Revealed zone settings

For the Scratch Card only.

You can opt to not display the title in the Scratch Card reveal zone. This refers to the short title field.

Updated on: 08/02/2024

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