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Create a personality test or a product recommendation quiz

The personality test and the product recommendation quiz are both based on the same logic. They are similar to the quiz, but they can be used to establish a profile or give a result according to the players' answers.

How to configure the personality test or the product recommendation quiz?

You first have to create and set up what we call the "profiles" - they represent the possible end results of your game

You can include a text and either an image or a video which will be shown to the player once the questions have been answered.

Create as many profiles as you have personalities or products

Then you can create questions and link each answer to a profile

There must be a matching answer to each of the profiles for the system to correctly identify which profile the participant should be given at the end of the game.

How does the profile attribution work?

After a player has answered all the questions, the profile with the most answers is assigned to them and displayed on the end screen of the game.

For example:

Your personality test includes 3 profiles: A, B, C

Each question provides 3 different answers and each will be assigned to profile A, B or C

The player selects 3 answers assigned to B, 1 answer assigned to A, and 1 answer assigned to C

As a result, it is profile B that will be displayed at the end of the game

How does the profile attribution work if 2 of the profiles receive the same number of answers?

In case of a tie, it is the first profile that will be selected.

For example :

If profiles A and B got the same number of answers, the first profile being profile A, this one will be displayed

If profiles B and C got the same number of answers, the first profile being profile B, this one will be displayed

Updated on: 23/11/2022

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