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End Screen

The End Screen is the finale of your experience.

Each field has a 4-arrows icon to the right, allowing you to move around and define the layout of your end screen.

You can include:

Title: Define the title to appear in the End Screen.
Description: Define a longer piece of text to sign off the experience.
Player score and result: If your game has a point-scoring mechanic, the user’s end score will also be displayed on your End Screen. This cannot be edited, but can be moved around the layout with the 4-arrows icon.
Media: Add an image, a video, or an audio file to your end screen.
CTA button: Add a link to a strategic page you want users to visit, define the text of the button in the Label field, and enable the “Open link in new window” button if you want the page to open in another window.
Do not display the “Restart” button at the end of the game: Toggling this means players will not be invited to restart the experience, however, refreshing the page will take them back to the beginning of the experience.

Please note, the “Restart” button will always appear at the bottom of the End Screen.

Disable social media sharing result: Toggling this will disable the social media result sharing button. By default, users will be able to share their result to social media (assuming you have the Allow sharing on button enabled on the Start Screen creation step).

Depending on the type of app you are customising, some of these fields may not be available.

Updated on: 02/02/2024

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