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Losing Screen

The Losing Screen is the finale of your experience for players who’ve lost. Each field has the 4-arrows icon to the right, allowing you to move around and define the layout of your end screen’s elements.

You can define the main content appearing on the Losing Screen in the Game Configuration creation step.

Title: Define the title to appear at the top of the End Screen.
Description: Define a longer piece of text to sign off the experience.

Keep in mind that defining content in the Game Configuration creation step as well as in the Losing Screen here, will double the amount of content.

Do not display the “Restart” button at the end of the game: Toggling this means players will not be invited to restart the experience, however, refreshing the page will take them back to the beginning of the experience.

Please note, the “Restart” button will always appear at the bottom of the end screen.

The fields that are defined in Game Configuration have a Do not display box you can tick so that they don’t appear within the Losing Screen.

These include:

Item name
In-game item image
Promo code
CTA - Call-to-action button(s)

Updated on: 02/02/2024

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