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Winning Item(s)

On each winning item card, you can define:

Item name: This is the name of the item that will appear on the end screen
In-game item image/ Custom scratch card underlay/ Add a media: This is how the prize will appear in the game. For example, in a Wheel of Fortune, this is the image that will appear within the wheel.
Description: This is an optional field that will appear on the end screen where you can add more text.
Item volume: This is where you state how many of your prizes you have to give away.
Start date/ End date: If left blank, the default publish dates of the app will be used, but you can choose to alternate your prizes, and have one prize run for week 1 of a campaign, and a different prize run for week 2 of a campaign, and so on and so forth, in order to keep the campaign fresh and dynamic.
End screen content related to this winning item: You may opt to have a graphic of the prize for in-game to be in keeping with the visual style of the experience, but want a photo realistic image to show up on the end screen (or even a video). Either way, if you wish for an end screen image of the prize, you must upload one to this field. This option is not applicable to all instant win games.

Use the Add a winning item button below the card to create as many winning items as you have prizes.

By default, users will be able to share their result to social media (assuming you have the Allow sharing on button enabled on the Start Screen creation step). For each item you can individually toggle the Disable social media result sharing button if you don’t want this to be an option.

You can also add call to action (CTA) buttons specific to this prize. This means this particular CTA will only show up if this prize is won. You just enter your label (the text you want your users to see) and the link you want them to be taken to if they click on it. You can also define whether you want this CTA link opened in a new window by enabling the button.

For a comprehensive guide on using promotional codes with your Drimify apps, check out this article.

To enable the distribution of generic codes, in the Game Configuration creation step, under the winning item, toggle the Enable Promo Code option.

Select "generic code" for code type, and input your generic code that is entered on your POS system in the field below.

Unique promotional codes

To enable the distribution of unique promotional codes, in the Game Configuration creation step, under a winning item toggle the Enable Promo Code option.

Select "list of unique codes" for code type, then you can either opt to upload a new list of codes, or append your existing list of codes.

Whether you're uploading a new list, or appending your current list, you will see in the field below a link to download our promo codes template as a .CSV file, this can be downloaded and imported into Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel (etc.) file to copy and past your unique codes into.

There are two columns. You only need to worry about column A. You can split the codes into 2 parts, with a second part in column B, but this is not recommended.

Revealed zone settings

For the Scratch Card only.

You can opt to not display the title in the Scratch Card reveal zone. This refers to the item name field.

Updated on: 08/02/2024

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