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Basics of how to create a game

How do I create an interactive game or module?

The first thing to do is to browse our catalogue and test our demos to give you an idea of what's possible.

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If you already know what type of game engine you're customising, have look through our knowledge base to see dedicated articles:

Create a Classic Game
Create a Sports Game
Create a Quiz
Create a Personality Test or a Product Recommendation Quiz
Create a Survey
Create an Instant Win Game
Create a Media Contest and connect a Voting Gallery
Create a Dynamic Path™
Create an Advent Calendar
Combine apps with the Combo™

How do I set up a game or module?

Go to your account, go to your dashboard, and click on the new app icon. Our intuitive interface makes it easy to customise your gamification experiences, whatever your goals. All you have to do is follow the creation steps on the platform.

The following steps are the same for all game engines on the Drimify platform:

Start screen

This stage allows you to set up and customise:

The introductory content of the experience
The visual for the cover and the start of the game
Your social media sharing options
Your terms & conditions


This stage allows you to set up:

The theme of the game (light or dark)
Insert your logo at the top of the game, which will then be visible throughout the experience
The background visual for the game, which will also be visible throughout the experience

Discover other options for advanced graphic customisation with our Drimify premium offer.

Intermediate screens before and after the experience

Intermediate screens are available before and after the experience, and they allow you to add additional content to your application. The screens available are:

Data Collection Form
Additional interactive content with text, image, video or audio file
Social media page links screen
The leaderboard display screen if this is enabled

You can choose between these different screen templates, and add as many as you like to deliver the desired user experience (or have none at all).

End screen

This step will allow you to customise the different elements that make up the final screen of the experience: visuals, text, CTAs, etc.

You'll also be able to move each of the elements on this screen to change their location relative to one another.


In this step you'll be able to configure:

The white label option
The language of your application
The entry limits
The leaderboard
The custom JavaScript code
The confirmation pop-up window to close the application page


Discover how to publish and integrate a Drimify application.

How to preview a game

To preview your game from the creation steps within your dashboard, please click the "preview" button located at the top right of your screen.

You should also consult our guide and checklist before launching your campaign.

Do you offer any support services to create the games or interactive modules?

We offer 2 possible support options:

Assistance Pack: based on our expertise, we assist you all the way, through the creation process, right up to the final set up of your application. Even though we offer you an intuitive and easy to use interface, we recommend this pack so we can ensure you get to know the platform properly and enjoy Drimify from your first experience. We can send you a quote for this tailored service that is not included in the Drimify pricing.

Creation Pack: that's our Turn Key Solution where you send us your brief and we do everything for you! You can access the application at any time to update/ amend the contents. We work together to reach the result you want and once it's ready we deliver the game to you via the sharing link and/ or embed code. We can send you a quote for this tailored service that is not included in the Drimify pricing.

To learn more about our offers, please visit our support services page.

Updated on: 02/02/2024

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